Cairo Biennal

“The illusion of the third sun” is an installation conceived by the artist Paolo Bottarelli as a continuation and an exception of his longlife project initiated in 2010 and planned to end in 2049, Chesscube Project - Mind Rooms.

The installation for Cairo’s Biennale Off is inspired on Aton Ra, the Sun God in Ancient Egypt.
The artist has been going in the neighbourhood of Al Mitrayyia, a district in the northern region of Greater Cairo, east of the Nile, recording the rising of the sun, symbol of rebirth and regeneration from the beginning of times. The installation is composed by a wodden tower 4 meters high and 2x2m large, completely closed and accessible only through the use of a camera and of the video observing what is happening inside the cube.
Al-Matariyyah district was part of the ancient city of Heliopolis, one of the oldest cities of Ancient Egypt. As the greek etymology of its names says, Heliopolis was one of the most relevant places connected to solar worship.

The western side of al-Matariyyah, in the industrial area of Musturud, along the canal al-Ismailiyya is now hosting all oil companies: Shell, Misr Petrol e General Association of Oil in Egypt).

All these coincidences are necessarily leading us to consider the symbol of this shift from a place of worship of one of the oldest deity in the world to a place of exploitation of the territory for aims that are all but not spiritual and cultural.

With the revolution, the Egyptian population has shown to the entire world the need and wish for change and renewal of the new generations.
Each Egyptian has been dreaming and is being dreaming about a new sun on the horizon, able to regenerate life and her/his social cultural political and spiritual life.
Here than the rise of the sun represented inside a structural uniqueness (the tower), observed by a camera (social control), to represent and symbolize the most evocative in each spirit and being of this millenniums old nation.
The sun is rising every day, on the horizon, and in each mind and body as a wish for itself and for all of us.