Nicola Trussardi Foundation Italy

Viaggi da camera is an online project that brings together and distributes images, videos, and texts, chosen by artists invited to narrate their own private domestic space.

Inspired by the famous 18th-century novel by Xavier De Maistre Voyage Around my Room – written during a forced confinement of 42 days in a room in Turin –Viaggi da camera invites artists to open the doors to their own rooms, both real and imaginary.

Over the years, many artists have taught us to look at the spaces that surround us from new points of view: from Giorgio Morandi, closed off in his studio in the middle of World War II, to Marisa Merz, who from her home in Turin encouraged us to look at the world with eyes shut, which according to her were “extraordinarily open,” artists have imagined the domestic sphere as a territory open to boundless discoveries.

During these times of forced isolation, Viaggi da camera stimulates us to undertake new journeys within the perimeter of our own rooms, so as to unveil new maps of the imagination and new vanishing points.